I've Got This Fear of Flying Beat

You Got This!

Every since I was 12 and my plane seemed to fall out of the sky, I have had a fear of flying. Ironically, before then, I had a passion for flying since being a toddler, actually looking forward to turbulence like a kid jumping up and down on the seats on the back of a bus. I still have a passion for flying and this is how I make it work.

  • Drinking helps. Yes, a few glasses of red wine really mellows me out.

  • When turbulence hits, listening to music helps. This is called DISTRACTION . There are many different techniques like writing with your left hand that have been purported as cures, but it really all boils down to one thing, making your brain think of something else. In my case, I have always loved house music, so when the bumps toss and turn my plane, I just crank it up and it really makes it easier to deal.

  • First Class makes a difference. For years, I thought it was the actual flying that made me nervous, but it was really the claustrophobia and lack of control that made me nervous. I always have to have an aisle seat because I have a small bladder and go to the bathroom quite often enough as it is, so flying just makes it worse. At least in First, I am right there and the comfort knowing when the lavatory is available means that I can get up as soon as the sign doesn’t have an X on it and relieve myself. I like having a window nearby too so that I can see that we are not plunging to the ground.

*Posted while flying on flight AA 1580 PHX-EWR. Of course, first (or business) class isn’t cheap, so I do whatever is possible to make this work, such as booking way in advance or using miles for seats or upgrades whenever possible.